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Information on Disposal of Waste Electronic Equipment (FAEE)

It is not allowed to dispose of electrical and electronic equipment (“EEE”), in domestic waste containers or in any other that is not specifically designated for it or on public roads. Batteries and accumulators that are not fixed to the EEE must be separated from them. The User may deliver the batteries, after use and at their choice, at specific collection points. EEE waste (“RAEE”) must be accompanied by the following symbols to indicate that they comply with Directive 2012/19/EU, Royal Decree 110/2015 and other applicable regulations (“RAEE Regulations”) in Matter of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“WEEE”), including the identification of harmful substances, specifically “Cd” for Cadmium, “Hg” for Mercury and “Pb” for Lead:

Consequently, with the purchase of a Product that has the status of EEE, in accordance with the above, the User may deliver to the Seller a WEEE of an equivalent type (in the terms set out in the applicable regulations) at point delivery of the EEE or at the User’s address where the EEE is supplied. In the event that the User requires the collection of WEEE at their home, they must request it through customer service by calling 957 108 238.
In the event that the delivery of the WEEE is not made at the User’s address, the User will have a period of thirty (30) calendar days to deposit the WEEE at our physical point of sale in Córdoba, having to exhibit the day of the delivery of the WEEE, within the aforementioned period, the simplified invoice accrediting the acquired EEE.
The User must package the EEE safely for transport, using a stable package that prevents the movement of the interior elements, being able to do so and if necessary, fill the package with filling elements (for example, newspapers). The User must ensure that in the shipment of EEE they are separated from the batteries and accumulators that were removable, as well as to eliminate their corresponding personal data.
The provisions of this section are carried out without prejudice to the right of the User to freely deposit WEEE at no cost at the collection points specifically established by the Local Authorities and Manufacturers of EEE in accordance with the provisions of current regulations.

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